Tips on how to use inversion boots

Inversion boots, also known as gravity boots, are an increasingly popular piece of fitness equipment. With roots in inversion therapy and the power of gravity, we think these boots are here to stay. There are many benefits of using them, from pain reduction to decompression of the spine, to mental health benefits. Read on below for our guide on choosing the best gravity boots for you.

At first, you will feel a bit intimidated with this workout gadget. Most people fear about their safety, which is normal. You are going to be in an unusual position, so it’s possible to feel that way. But there is no need to feel afraid or intimidated. Once you get used to this gadget, you will realize how sweet and beneficial it is. Here is how you should use them.

Stage 1: Choose your inversion boots

The first step is to select a good quality brand. Although it can be such a dilemma for a newbie, you can conduct your research to identify the top quality brands on the market. Go for boots with quality materials that are durable.

Stage 2: Get a conducive pull -up bar

The next item to get after the inversion boots is the pull-up bar, which is also as important as the boots. You should ensure that the bar is high enough so that you can have your ankle strapped to the bar without hitting your head on the floor. You can test this by standing upright underneath the pull-up bar. Ensure it is almost as twice as high as your height.

Stage 3: Wear the boots snugly

Depending on the brand of boots you have, make sure the gravity boots are pretty tight around your ankle. You don’t have to cut off blood supply because you want to make it snug as described. You just need to tighten it properly to the point where there will be no room for your legs to slip off.

Stage 4: Hook both legs on the bar

Once you are confident that the boots are super tight, and have found a suitable pull-up bar, the next thing is to hook both legs on the bar and start exercising. At this point, you need to place your legs onto the bar one at a time. Trying to get both hooked at the same time can make the entire process more demanding for you.

Stage 5:  Start exercising

You should be in an inverted position at this point. But ensure your ankles are not hurting when you assume this position. If you are sure that everything is alright, start exercising.

Stage 6: Take off the boots gently

This stage of your workout should not be a problem. Once you are done exercising, crunch yourself up to grab the bar, and unhook each of your legs on the bar one after the other.

Inversion boots are incredible gadgets with enormous benefits. They are useful and can help reverse the effects of gravitational forces mount on the body. It is also something beginners can use comfortably, as it doesn’t lead to injury in any way.

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