Causes of Hair Loss and Advisable Food for Hair Growth

To have a healthy, beautiful, bouncy and shiny hair, it is important to take the healthy and balanced diet to fulfil the hair growth factors need in our body. The healthy diet is the one which includes the proper amount of Protein, Carbohydrate, Fatty acids, Minerals and appropriate intake of water to consume and digest the food to regular secretions from all over the body and to expel the toxins and waste and other pollutants from your body. A healthy diet is necessary for your hair growth and what is contained is a prime focussed matter as you are going to opt it after reading this article. Let me first describe the facts and causes of hair loss and their aftermath, which is seen as a major hair loss or baldness. The causes of Hair Loss/Baldness Hereditary Cause/Androgenic alopecia The causes of hair loss or baldness is directly caused by your genes, which are responsible for the hair loss are known as Androgenic alopecia, and the responsible hormone for the hair loss is DHT (di-hydro Testosterone), an Androgen sensitive hormone; is a powerful metabolite that is chemical derivative of testosterone that is formulated when the metabolism of Androgen gets involved […]

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Cervical Cancer: Causes, Symptoms And Treatment

cervical cancer

Cervical cancer is a kind of deadly disease in which abnormal cells grow in the tissues of the cervix. The cervix is the lower and narrow part of the womb where it joins with the top part of the vagina. Cervical cancer is disastrous; it remains a powerful killer even when it is within our reach to prevent it. Symptoms of cervical cancer The signs of this disease may not be so obvious but you have to look out for these signs. These signs can be similar to sexually transmitted infections which is why you should visit your doctor. Bleeding after intercourse uneasiness during sexual intercourse foul vagina discharge presence of blood in vagina discharge bleeding amidst periods pain around the pelvic region The presence of highly developed cancer cells will bring about: Loss of appetite Intense vagina bleeding Outflow of urine or faeces from the vagina although, these occur in rare cases. Bleeding after a pelvic examination Loss of weight Tiredness   Causes of Cervical Cancer Cancer arises as a result of the development of uncontrolled abnormal cells. A large amount of human cells have a fixed lifespan and new cells are created to replace them when they die. […]

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A Cased-Based Illustration On Cholera Outbreak

Welcome dear reader, We bring to you a very touching illustration on how cholera outbreak affected a family.   The story goes thus, As we gaze out of our thatched window, I cannot tell what my sister sees. But I know I do not see the bald white man who has been talking to the same bored housewives for three days. I know I do not see the same loud women and their loud babies who have been attending this meeting since it started three days ago, hearing the same thing from the same men and women in white clothes with black ropes hanging from their necks, receiving things they don’t even know into their bodies. I don’t see them at all. What I see is my mother before the plague came into our house, before the war tore our village apart. The sickness came into the village with the soldiers. They came in hundreds, bringing their sick with them and raiding our village. They took our possessions and our lives,not just with their guns but always with their `blue death’. My family used to be large. My father was favored by the gods. My mother had seven children, four […]

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Amazing Benefits Of Almond Oil For Hair

Almonds contain numerous health and beauty benefits. Loaded with protein, magnesium, vitamin E, essential amino acids, phosphorus, potassium, copper and healthy fats, almond with different forms is used in a variety of ways. The almond oil has been used to treat many skin ailments. Surprisingly, almond oil is beneficial not only for your skin but also for your hair. Amazing Benefits Of Almond Oil For Hair – How To Use Almond Oil For Hair Condition In this article, I would like to share with you a number of amazing benefits of almond oil for hair. Control Hair Loss Everyone experience the hair fall; however, it does not make a huge difference on your hair volume. A hundred hair strands lost is often replaced with new hair growing. However, if you have a severe hair loss and slow rate of hair growth, the signs of hair thinning may be visible and disturbing on your scalp. If not treated, severe hair loss can lead to the baldness. Uncontrollable hair fall is caused by the overexposure to environment pollutants, hormonal imbalance, nutritional deficiency, and stress. The almond oil is packed with magnesium. Deficiency of magnesium can lead to hair loss. If you apply […]

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Can Weight Loss Cure Depression As Well?

Depression is a state of mind where the patient feels low and is not much interested in doing anything. As per one of the researches, people who are obese are more prone to depression. This means that, if such people tend to lose weight they may get benefit even in the state of depression. But weight loss can help only those who have depression due to obesity. Those, who are depressed due to other reasons, may not face any benefit. Often people try different weight loss supplements and get multiple benefits from them. This is because there are some natural supplements in the market like 5-HTP that helps in reducing weight and also clears up issues like mood swings and depression. But before using such supplements you should know about negative effects of 5-HTP. What to do to Avoid the Negative Effects? Every health or natural supplement may have some side effects. Also, if such supplements are not taken as per the mentioned dose and if there has been an overdose then the side effects may arise and such side effects can actually be quite threatening. These may include things like confusion, hyperactivity, and sweating, shivering, nausea and so on. […]

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