Is Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation Worth the Cost ?

Getting breasts transformed to the way you desire through surgical means is by far the most reliable way. Not only reliable, it is one of the most demanded plastic around the world. But now, there’s even a better way of getting breasts look fuller. Fat transfer breast augmentation is getting the fame yet it’s been around the corner for a while. Fat transfer breast augmentation has gained popularity as it eliminates the need of implants and rather relies on the recycled fat. The excess fat from either part of the body is deposited in the breasts for increasing their size. It does sound as an ideal job for distributing the fat from other places as lower abdomen areas to breast, to even out the posture. But is the fame supporting the right innovation? What kind of results are we expecting from a fat depositing procedure? Is the treatment safe and what risks are involved? We are answering all these questions and more about fat transfer breast augmentation, since we visited Crispin Plastic Surgery Center in Atlanta. It is here where you would see a queue of women, waiting to meet the smiling and expert plastic surgeons to get their wishes […]

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