What is Palliative Care?

When fighting cancer or a chronic illness, it is easy to see how people sometimes forget they have choices. It seems as if there are only two options, battle or give up. Today, however, this is simply not the case. Sometimes, after months or years of receiving disease-directed care, treatment fails to have the desired effect and reduces a person’s quality of life to a point that is undesirable. In a situation like this, palliative care could be a good option, but because palliative care has a negative connotation, people sometimes fail to look into it. Palliative care, sometimes known simply as supportive care, exists to help people live as long and as comfortably as they can. Palliative care is not about giving up or hastening death, but rather about managing pain and improving a patient’s quality of life. In the past, the term palliative care was conflated with hospice and generally understood as the care given once a patient had exhausted all of the treatment options available. However, it’s been expanded. It goes beyond the care given at the end of life and seeks to combat the emotional and physical effects of illness at any stage. There are more […]

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When Doctors Make Mistakes: What Are Your Rights If a Surgery Leaves You with a Disability?

Fighting Malpractice: 3 Ways to Prove the Medical Treatment You Received Was Subpar

If you’re injured during a surgery or other medical procedure, can you file a claim against the hospital for medical malpractice or negligence? Though medical facilities are typically responsible for improper care provided by nurses and technicians, they’re often not liable for a doctor’s malpractice. Here, you’ll learn when hospitals are (and aren’t) responsible for errors committed by doctors, anesthesiologists, and other medical providers. The Hospital is Liable for Its Employees’ Actions If someone is employed by the hospital, that facility is responsible if the employee causes harm through incompetence. However, not every accident or mistake happening in a hospital constitutes negligence. Typically, medical technicians, nurses, and other support staff are considered hospital employees. As long as the injury occurred during the course of the employee’s normal duties, you can sue for your damages. If a doctor’s mistake injures you, though, you can’t sue the hospital unless the doctor is classified as an employee. Furthermore, if an employee commits medical malpractice under the doctor’s supervision, you can sue the doctor, but not the hospital. An employee’s supervision depends on these factors: Whether the physician was in the room, and Whether the doctor could prevent the negligent act For instance, a […]

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Treatments And Services Offered By Dental Specialists

We all know that dental issues always need preservation, repairing as well as a replacement so that one can enjoy a better life. Dental specialists see this fact and thus provide the best possible dental care as well as services. In many cases, they perform the essential treatment in their offices to restore the life of teeth. They also make sure that the procedure is shown in the best possible way and teeth are repaired efficiently. They also make sure that kids or patients feel comfortable as well as stable both throughout and after the entire dental treatment process. They not only treat the affected areas but also ensure that plaque or cavities will not come again. Of course, to achieve this, they adopt a wide range of approaches to keep the kids comfortable. However, if you want to know more about their treatments as well as services offered by dentists, you should read along. Bonding Dental specialists provide bonding treatment to restore broken teeth. They often use enamel-colored composite resin to repair damaged or decayed teeth. Kids, who have chipped, fractured or even discolored teeth usually go for this type of treatment. Dental specialists identify the real problem and […]

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How Can Dance Improve Your Health? Follow These 5-Steps


In ancient times, dance was an essential part of life. Dance was part of every civilization. There were dances of worship and dances to bring life. There were dances to protect warriors and to request a good harvest. No celebration was complete without dance. Long before dance was recognized as a form of exercise and whole body wellness, there was dance. In modern society, dance is an art form. It is a beautiful way to express emotions and feelings. Done correctly, dance can convey a story or message to the audience. This experience of becoming one with the performance is the powerful draw that brings people back. Dance For Physical Fitness There are dances that are specifically designed for physical fitness. Zumba and Jazzercise are perfect examples. These dances are designed to help the dancer lose weight and build muscle mass. These dances have the same results on the body as aerobics. Some dances are not created for weight loss but the physical demands they put on the body results in weight loss. Hip Hop is one example. When you are performing a dance that has a fast pace, you will burn about the same number of calories as you […]

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8 Shocking Stories of Patients Whose Lives Were Severely Altered by a Doctor’s Mistake

Any time you schedule a visit to a medical doctor’s office, or you are rushed to the emergency room of a hospital; you expect a certain level of medical care. Regrettably, the standard of the care you receive varies widely from one hospital to the next. An in the worst scenario, the healer could end up being the killer. If the patients are lucky, they escape with severe conditions that could be chronic. Here are shocking stories where healing hands turned into crippling or killing hands. 1) Embryologist fertilizes mother with the wrong sperm A New York fertility clinic impregnated a lady— Nancy Andrews—with the sperm of a total stranger, and not that of her husband. The mistake only surfaced in October 2004 when the baby expected to be born of white parents turned out with dark skin. Succeeding DNA tests showed that the baby’s biological father was of African origin. Though the family kept the child, the coupled pressed medical malpractice charges against the clinic and against the specialist who allegedly unintentionally mixed up the samples. 2) Mismatched blood type kills a girl CBS News shared the story of a Mexican teenage girl (17) who had resided in the […]

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