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Clinical Negligence in Its Most Fearsome Form: 5 Facts About Birth Injury

Birth injury of any kind is a heartbreaking ordeal for any family. While every mother wants to leave the delivery room without incident, each year more than 25,000 infants in the United States suffer some kind of birth injury. Birth injuries take different forms and can feature a number of complications. Whether the injury is […]

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7 Ways to Strengthen and Support Children’s Positive Mental Health

For kids to grow up happy and healthy mental health is as important as physical. And this is often overlooked. Mental health means having a healthy mind and body and being able to see things around us as are, it influences our perception of the world and ourselves. Kids are exposed to different types of […]

Congenital Deformity – Types, Causes, and Treatments

Many babies are born with birth defects. When a baby has disorder or deformity by birth, it is known as a congenital deformity. Fortunately, such issues of newborns can be resolved through surgical solutions. The babies can lead a normal life without any physical and emotional complications when they grow up. However, these deformities vary from mild […]

9 Ways You Can Help Your Child Overcome Depression

Kids have depression too. Even toddlers go through a massive amount of depression sometimes. Depression is an often-ignored issue in the society we live. Depression is a serious societal issue that sees no difference in the elderly, adults and children. Causes of Depression in Children There are various risks factors that might cause depression in […]