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9 Things You Can Find out from DNA Tests

Humankind is fascinated by its origin - most of us would like to know where we came from and what our genetic inheritance is. Our desire to find more about ourselves as species has been fueled by the development of medical technology and DNA testing, which are making progress even while you're reading this....

Here’s Why You Need To Seek Physical Therapy For Concussions

If you are an athlete, who plays high-contact sports like football, soccer, basketball, or boxing, then you are more vulnerable to concussions - which are nothing but temporary injuries to the brain that are caused by a sudden blow to head. Although, it is true that concussions are sudden brain injuries, with right preventative actions...

How to Recognize the Early Signs of Dementia and What to Do

Dementia needs to be discussed constantly because it is such a ubiquitous part of people’s lives around the globe. Each of us knows at least someone who had to deal with a family member struck by this illness, and if you are truly unlucky, you have dealt with it head on – with one...

Different Types Of Ankle-Foot Orthosis And Their Respective Uses

If you have been having foot troubles lately and you can’t seem to understand why it is always in constant pain, then you might be suffering from “drop foot.” This disorder is basically characterized by the inability of a person to raise their foot at the ankle joint. Drop foot makes the simple act of...

The Problem of GERD and Its Remedies

GERD which is also Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease is one of the most common diseases that people face in today's world. GERD happens when the acid in our stomach moves in the food pipe and the windpipe and creates a disturbance. Burning sensation, Trouble in breathing, bitterness in the mouth are the common symptoms of...


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