Role of Fruit Juices in Growth of Hair

Have you ever heard that juices from fruits can augment natural hair growth? Incorporating fresh fruit juices within your body can actually work wonders. Juices as a matter of fact, can provide enough nutrition which can encourage growth of healthy hair follicles. Juices actually take care of hair breakage which can happen easily otherwise. Juices extracted from the fruits add on extra benefits and gets absorbed at a much faster rate. Hair roots require significant nutrition, in the absence of which, baldness can appear. Consumption of fruit juices can help a lot, in aiding hair growth, Loss of excessive hair can really lead towards permanent baldness. However, as per the views of medical experts, permanent baldness can have long term implications and needs to be addressed immediately. Hair transplantation is the one and only safe method that can address problems related to permanent bald ness. However, in case you feel that you are suffering from problems related to baldness, you can try out the following juices which can give amazing results on promoting hair growth. 1) Aloe Vera Juice:- Aloe Vera is a natural plant product. Directly extracted, the juice can aid in pumping the required mineral and nutritional supplements, […]

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How IT Professionals with Hair Loss suffer from Hypertension

Hair loss is a growing concern among men and women today and people living in the IT hub –Pune are also not spared from the worry. There are several reasons that can cause hair loss. Sometimes hair loss can be a temporary response to an operation that you have undergone or due to high fever causing the hair to fall out. In such cases, you may not worry as the hair may grow back after some time.  Hair loss can also be an inherited trait, in which case you may have to take precautions and delay the loss. Another major reason of hair loss may be nutritional or medical imbalance. In such cases, it is advisable that you seek medical help at the earliest.   Pune is a metropolitan city and houses several IT giants. Young IT professionals work for long hours, giving them little or no time to take care of their hair, skin and general health. This causes a lot of stress which in turn can cause hair loss.  It can be embarrassing for young people to lose hair and go bald. To tackle this issue, several people are resorting to hair transplant in Pune. Unlike the traditional […]

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Hair Growth With The Help Of Healthy Food

Healthy diet and healthy body results in beautiful, shiny and lustrous hair. However, nutritional deficiencies can bring about problems such as dryness, dandruff, brittleness and hair loss. Actually there are certain foods which help to make your hair strong and healthy. Furthermore, hair is made up of protein and according to experts food rich in protein should form an important part of your diet. To maximize hair growth you should eat right, get plenty of sleep, exercise regularly and reduce stress. By including healthy food in your daily diet will make a definite difference to your hair. Hair care is very important, if proper care is not taken then it affects hair growth and results in hair dryness, thinning and hair loss. If the hair loss is in excess, then there is a chance for a person to become bald. Hair transplantation has helped many people to get over baldness.  Carbohydrate Approximately 55% to 60% of your daily calories should be generated from carbohydrates. They are an important source of energy and aids in the growth of body tissues and hair. Therefore it is necessary to consume complex carbohydrates such as whole grains, brown rice, fruits and vegetables instead of […]

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