How do we come to know if a hair transplant is permanent or not?

Just like every permanent problem has a permanent solution, same way, every permanent hair loss, has to have a permanent solution. For, most people, hair transplant surgery conveys a fulfilling, long-term result. A well-experienced surgeon discusses each patients needs, wants, basically all the know-how of hair restoration surgery. Why choose Hair transplants? Let’s get to […]

All The Know-How’s of Hair Transplant

  Just like good health and youthfulness, many of us take our hair for granted, it is only until we see them falling off that we start worrying about them Hair transplant, for many works like a magic, which helps in bringing back the good looks that one once had. Thinking of getting a hair […]

The Hair Transplant Journal

The Hair Transplant Journal

Nearly half of all the female and sixty percent male population is in the throes of hair loss. The most famous choices for countering it are topical treatments for mild hair loss. But for major hair loss, there are other treatments which can help us out. Hair Transplant is one such method. It is a […]

5 Habits of People with Healthy Hair

Just like your skin, your hairs’ condition depicts how healthy you are. To have amazing hair, you need to take good care of it and show commitment since it takes time and effort to look your best. Maintaining good habits will go a long way in ensuring your hair looks healthy. One thing that people […]