How to Get Rid Of Crackling Sound in an Ear?

Crackling sound in the ear the ear is an unusual experience for anyone. It occurs at the delicate structure of the ear and creates a quite annoying and painful situation for a person. This situation leads to create distress, lack of focus, anxiety, lack of sleep, bad mood, and many more. Sometimes, it becomes entirely […]

Dislocation of Sternoclavicular Joint and Acromioclavicular Joint Injury

Dislocation of sternoclavicular joint is not a common condition. The joint is firmly supported by the capsule and ligaments around the joint and by the strong costoclavicular ligament from below. This can bear the burden of severe sprain without being displaced.Mechanism of Injury: The lesion is produced mainly due to indirect violence, but direct injury […]

When should a couple seek the help of a doctor

When should a couple seek the help of a doctor?

Most probably, a couple will want to have a biological child of their own at some juncture. Most couples achieve a state of successful conception within one year of planning a baby. The chances are greatly reduced in the second year. Thus infertility is generally evaluated in terms of a couple’s failure to conceive in […]

5 Ways To Get Relief From Back Pain After Pregnancy

Being pregnant is one of the most beautiful periods of life. What people don’t often mention is that it’s often one of the most painful ones. After all, how could it not be? Your body is going through a big change. While it prepares for the birth of your bundle of joy, of course, it’s […]

Heart Disease: Symptoms & Treatment

When people say heart disease, they most often refer to coronary heart disease. However, there are many other types of heart disease that you should be aware of. Additionally, we often hear the term cardiovascular disease; you should know that not all cardiovascular diseases are heart diseases. Below, we will list the most common types […]