The Missing Ingredient ⁠— 5 Ways Data Will Change Medical Cannabis Use

The U.S. legal cannabis market is expected to be worth $66.3 billion by the end of 2025. The growth of the market over the next few years will be both data and technology driven. The sheer amount of information collection in the industry will revolutionize the medical cannabis industry in several ways. From improving the product, itself to more efficient distribution methods ⁠— the industry as we know it is in for a massive data-driven change. Standardizing Treatment Strains One huge benefit of data-driven growth is the ability to allow growers to standardize their plants. Growers can even optimize their crop yield and cannabinoid content using artificial intelligence. Big-data cannabis reports show that the cannabinoids in plants can be influenced during growth using machine learning to train growth algorithms. AI can be trained to recommend the optimal steps to take at each growing phase. The growth AI can also control things like lighting, temperature, and even the gas make-up in growing chambers. As these algorithms become more advanced, the industry will rely less on high-maintenance manual labor. AI-powered machines can help increase crop production while lowering energy costs for a higher ROI. Analytics & Sales Information collection will also revolutionize […]

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Best Drugstore Primer in 2019 [The Complete Guide]

Best Drugstore Primer

A lot of people apply their makeup directly to their face without considering the health hazards of it. Makeup material contains harmful chemicals that get absorbed by the skin and further enters the bloodstream. This is where drugstore primers come into play. The main purpose of a primer is to act as a shield between your skin and the layer of makeup on it. This separation also helps the makeup to adhere to your face and increase the longevity of it. If you use makeup regularly, you must also be aware of eyeshadow primers which give maximum pigmentation out of your eyeshadow. A drugstore primer for the face does the same thing and blurs out your pores in your facial skin. Here are the 5 Best Drugstore Primers in 2019. 1. Revlon PhotoReady Prime & Anti Shine Balm Revlon PhotoReady is a multi-purpose face balm used to prime and smoothens your facial skin. This drugstore primer is perfect for people with rough and uneven skin. Rough skin can make you look unhealthy and doesn’t reflect your real personality to others. Hence, regular usage of a drugstore primer is a must for people concerned with their public image. This product is […]

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Best Protein Bars for Women in 2019 [The Complete Guide]

Best Protein Bars for Women

We all know that there are some hormonal differences between men and women. But to say that women need less protein than men would be utterly fallacious. Your need for protein supplementation is based on the kind of activities you do on a daily basis. Are you a woman who just goes to your office or workplace, comes back home and that your entire day? Or you go to the gym, go hiking on weekends, etc. If you are one of the later ones, you definitely need a lot of protein supplementation as the home-cooked food will not be able to suffice your protein requirements. Secondly, something like a protein bar is easy to carry and you don’t need to mix it with a solvent. Adding a protein bar or two to your diet will do a world of good for your body. Besides, a protein bar has absolutely no harmful or irreversible effects. Here are the 5 best protein bars for women in 2019. 1. ZonePerfect protein bar for women ZonePerfect is a protein bar formulated for women who love tasty and savory food. Maybe you are a student or a working woman who does have time to prepare […]

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Wake Up to a Refreshing Feeling With the Orthopedic Therapeutic Benefits

Orthopedic Therapeutic Benefits

Physical Therapy, commonly known as physiotherapy was practiced in the US to get rid of the pain which was affected by Polio during the early 20th century. It helped Polio patients to learn to use their remaining muscles to get through daily activities. Then some of them were trained to practice the professional physical therapy by operating soldiers affected during WW1. Maximum they helped to cure the patients with head and spinal cord injuries. Later when it took an immense jump in requirements of physical therapists they were working with hospitals, rehabilitation centers, nursing homes, public schools, and home health agencies. These were the initial practice places where getting patient cure was the only goal. From there onwards, new treatments have been developed to treat the patient with utmost satisfaction and safety. Every problem has an expert who is well acquainted in their respective therapy and assures that the patient gets back from their sickness and recover to their daily routine. Due to the competition in the market, the therapist needs to be well versed with the maximum knowledge to treat their patients and give them a life that is pain-free and enjoyable. It is compulsory for all the therapists […]

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How Health Insurance Premium varies by Gender

Health Insurance

Did you know that your health insurance premium may vary by gender? Usually, women are at the receiving end of this discriminatory pricing. Here’s all you need to know. With the increase in medical inflation and sedentary lifestyle-induced diseases, it has become imperative to get a health insurance policy to protect yourself against the gigantic financial burden that diagnosis and treatment can incur. There are a number of factors that determine what amount of premium you’d need to pay, depending upon how susceptible you are to falling sick, to accidents or to being diagnosed with a critical illness. Premiums are determined individually for everyone because the insurance company would review your risk profile and medical history against company benchmarks, and assess if a policy would just be dead weight for them. These factors include many health-related parameters like Body Mass Index (BMI), tobacco and alcohol consumption, age, pre-existing medical conditions, family medical history. The rationale is to find out if you are more susceptible to falling ill or getting diagnosed. For instance, people with a high BMI can suffer from, or develop, diseases including diabetes, sleep apnea, and heart and joint problems. So if you have a high BMI, you […]

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