Things to Keep in Mind While Using A Sterilizer

Using a sterilizer may sound like the simplest thing on earth, but in most cases, you might find it confusing when you must do it. However, sterilizing is something extremely important for the health of you and your family at times. It is more important for the children in your house, including the infants, who must be kept under constant supervision to prevent them from falling ill. If you want to keep bacteria away from your baby, then you should buy a sterilizer. Let us look at a few things that a sterilizer helps you in: To Sterilise the Baby’s Spoon – A child under the age of 2 is generally fed nothing but breast milk. However, there are many such cases where the parents might decide to introduce solid foods to the child. The feeding in such cases must be done with a spoon, something which can carry a lot of germs if not sterilized. The Baby Bottles – The feeding bottles of the babies are supposed to be put in a sterilizer as often as possible to prevent them from being infected with the deadly germs. If the germs enter the digestive system of the child, then they […]

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How to Get Rid Of Crackling Sound in an Ear?

Crackling sound in the ear the ear is an unusual experience for anyone. It occurs at the delicate structure of the ear and creates a quite annoying and painful situation for a person. This situation leads to create distress, lack of focus, anxiety, lack of sleep, bad mood, and many more. Sometimes, it becomes entirely unavoidable and painful. This problem called Tinnitus in the medical language, and it required some strict medical attention. If you also one of those people who is dealing with this situation then continuously read this article and gets the best health tips for this issue. Your care 24*7 is going to tell about every topic which is relevant to this topic, and we assure that this entire information will support to enhance the condition of crackling sound and give better health. Causes of crackling sound in the ear These are some most common causes of crackling sound in the ear:- Ear infection Viral infection and bacterial components can deliver many bad impacts at the internal structure of the ear, and it becomes a reason for crackling sound in the ear. Noise Trauma Deafening noise or any sudden noise which is too high in the frequency […]

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Dislocation of Sternoclavicular Joint and Acromioclavicular Joint Injury

Dislocation of sternoclavicular joint is not a common condition. The joint is firmly supported by the capsule and ligaments around the joint and by the strong costoclavicular ligament from below. This can bear the burden of severe sprain without being displaced. Mechanism of Injury: The lesion is produced mainly due to indirect violence, but direct injury can lead to the same result. Indirect Force: When one falls on an outstretched hand the force is directed along the upper limb to the shoulder- joint and transmitted to the sternoclavicular joint. The force impinges against the sternum with displacement of the clavicle. Direct Injury: Direct injury over the medial end of clavicle can displace it posteriorly. Types of Dislocation: In case of complete dislocation there is rupture of the costoclavicular ligament. The displacement may be anterior, superior or posterior. DIAGNOSIS It is easy to make the diagnosis by clinical examination. Localized lump along with tenderness can be detected over the sternoclavicular joint. Shoulder- joint movement produces pain. In severe posterior dislocation, the sternal end of clavicle can press over the trachea producing acute respiratory distress. TREATMENT Reduction by manipulation can sometimes be done easily when performed at an early stage. The anatomical […]

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When should a couple seek the help of a doctor?

When should a couple seek the help of a doctor

Most probably, a couple will want to have a biological child of their own at some juncture. Most couples achieve a state of successful conception within one year of planning a baby. The chances are greatly reduced in the second year. Thus infertility is generally evaluated in terms of a couple’s failure to conceive in a year’s time. If a couple faces problems in conceiving within one year of trying, it is time for medical intervention either the male or the female or both may be responsible for the debacle. It is wise to thoroughly test both of them for the causative factors. Female infertility treatment is readily available in India. .IVF is one such process which comes to the help of many couples dealing with infertility issues. IVF treatment cost is subject to the city, the clinic and the fertility specialist concerned. But in some cases, medical advice may be sought earlier. Such cases include- Irregular menstruation A normal woman ovulates and menstruates within every 21 to 35 days.If the gap between the cycles is greater than 35 days, it means that there is something wrong with her ovulation process. Such a condition needs to be treated as the […]

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5 Ways To Get Relief From Back Pain After Pregnancy

Being pregnant is one of the most beautiful periods of life. What people don’t often mention is that it’s often one of the most painful ones. After all, how could it not be? Your body is going through a big change. While it prepares for the birth of your bundle of joy, of course, it’s going to experience some difficulties. The most common problem women face during and especially after pregnancy is back pain. Instead of enjoying spending time with your newborn, you’re experiencing daily back pains. Luckily, there are a few easy ways to solve this problem. Change your diet Back pain after pregnancy is often the result of weight gain. In order to reduce the pain, you can try changing your diet. Don’t do this on your own though, it’s best to consult a nutritionist. A professional will help you devise a diet that doesn’t starve you or take away any nutrients. Quick diets you can find online are often the first resort for weight loss, but they’re very counterproductive. As soon as you stop those diets, the eight comes back, and so does the back pain. Maintain your posture If your posture is not correct, you’re going […]

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