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eye exam

You might not think so, but you might not know all of the signs that you need to go for an eye exam. There are many signs that can tell you that it’s time, and we’re going to go through them for you below. A good rule of thumb, however, is that if you think your vision is changing at all, then you probably need an examination, so should go get checked.

Frequent headaches, eye pain, or eye fatigue are all signs that you should watch for. Eye strain can be the cause of headaches, even if it doesn’t seem to be related so it should be checked as it is often the first sign of eye problems. If you have eye pain that lasts more than a few days, you should schedule an exam to make sure it isn’t due to a potentially serious health condition.

Eye pain, redness, dry eyes, itchy eyes, and discharge can also be a trigger that and you have an eye infection. An eye doctor can catch this in time so that it doesn’t become worse and starts affecting your vision permanently, so it is always best to schedule an exam if you think you may have an eye infection.

eye exam

If you are having trouble focusing on objects, or have blurry vision you should schedule an exam since these too can be signs of more serious conditions and the sooner it can be looked at, the better. If your vision is slowly blurring over time, you likely need prescription lenses or updated ones. If you notice yourself needing to be closer to the tele, that you need to hold your favourite book closer to your face to read it, or if you find yourself squinting a lot more than usual, these are very clear signs that you need to visit the eye doctor. Squinting paired with a “lazy” eye can lead to permanent vision loss, so keep look out for these symptoms not just in yourself, but in children as well, since this is a more common problem for them.

If you have a sudden onset of seeing “floaters”, flashes of light or your vision has become obstructed in any way, make sure that you drop what you are doing and make an eye exam for as soon as you possibly can. These can be the first signs of very serious retinal conditions that can lead to permanent vision impairment and should be immediately looked at by a qualified eye care professional or emergency room physician.

It might sound odd, but if your eyes are becoming more sensitive to bright lights, schedule an exam. This can be one of the first signs of eye infections or certain disorders.

If you are pregnant, you might have a myriad of the symptoms listed above, but the results will likely only last until the pregnancy is over. Once hormone levels are back to normal a lot of times any vision problems associated with a pregnancy go away. Just like with anyone else, however, if left untreated, the damage could be permanent, so don’t put off your eye exams thinking a problem is only temporary.

If you have diabetes or other health problems that can affect the eyes, or if you are over 40 years old, you should get more frequent eye exams. For most people an exam once a year or every two years is fine, but if you fall into either of those categories and you start noticing changes in your vision, make an appointment to get checked.

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